21 - 22 May, 2019 | Melbourne

Simon Pelletier


10:00 AM Open Banking: Get ready for not much to happen

·         While the picture often presented of an open banking world is one radically transformed - the reality will not see a progressive shift in customer behaviour or competition in banking
·         Open Banking will be the genesis of new capabilities that may enable new business models but there is no catalyst for change
·         A significant disruption will require the proliferation of participants, the enablement of a trusting and active consumer base and hitherto not conceived of value propositions
·         But there are use cases that are valuable to existing business models
·         And, most importantly, an opportunity to transform towards a more data and digitally enabled operating model
·         The question is what capabilities does the industry build today to make the most of the new regulation, minimise downside and ultimately be ready when tectonic shifts do take place

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