21 - 22 May, 2019 | The Victoria Hotel, Melbourne, VIC

Nigel Dobson

Banking Services Business Domain Lead

12:10 PM How ANZ Are Preparing Their Internal Environment To Effectively Manage Customer Data & Deliver Quality Consumer Propositions In The Open Banking Ecosystem

Open Banking will signal a need to successfully handle and utilise increased amounts of consumer data. In order for this to happen, each organization must first address how they handle their current internal data. With internal work in place, adding another layer of data through Open Banking will be manageable and will ultimately positively impact both the organization and the consumer. In this session, Nigel will share with you:

  • Why ANZ views open banking as an innovation opportunity rather than a regulatory compliance protocol
  • Data integration - Ensuring data quality and alignment in the age of responsible banking and lending
  • Operationalising models and attributes with real time customer data to deliver compelling and relevant customer propositions
  • How these propositions will be enhanced when Open Banking adds another layer of data

Confirmed speaker:

2:50 PM Panel Discussion: Considering The Importance Of Constructing API Frameworks Which Comply With Standards While Also Benefitting The Consumer In Innovative and Exciting Ways

The benefits of Open Banking will only be felt by both the company and consumer if businesses are able to innovate and experiment with the construction of API frameworks. Partnering with Fintechs to achieve this vision can open up new realms of possibility, which in a competitive market, is necessary to stay ahead of the competition and retain customers.
This panel will explore the key considerations which must be made when planning to open up APIs.

  • Opportunities available to industry through open data and opening up APIs
  • Piloting new ideas – keys considerations and objectives
  • Working with Fintechs to enable innovation
  • Possible pitfalls and lessoned learned in experimenting with API frameworks
  • Customer centricity – allowing creativity which focuses on the consumer’s needs

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