21 - 22 May, 2019 | Melbourne

Eduardo Martinez Barrios

Open Banking Product Head
Santander UK (International)

11:40 AM CASE STUDY: Gearing up for the Open Banking Regime: Setting up APIs, Micro service Infrastructure and Data Management

Bank Santander is the largest bank in Europe and one of the first banks to open up their APIs as part of the UK’s Open Banking implementation. As a big bank steeped with legacy systems and used to a certain way of working, gearing up for open banking was no mean feat. The past few months have been challenging as they have had to navigate aging core banking systems and fundamental shift the way they operate as a bank. This session will investigate the journey from the point of view of the Product Head of Santander’s Open Banking Platform. He will also share the key wins, including the successes of building their API and micro services infrastructure, work streams and effective data management strategies.

  • Building your APIs and micro services infrastructure in preparation for the open banking regime
  • Addressing the two work streams of data management and account management
  • Exploring strategies for effective data management

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